Right on Target

Archery has been practiced by every group in history. From ancient cave-dwellers and Robin Hood to William Tell and even Katniss Everdeen – It’s a great form of exercise. First, it strengthens your back and shoulder muscles, which—unless you follow a firm program of rowing or weights at the gym—are not always the focus of a workout. (Legs tend to get top priority.) Second, the very act of hiking to a range or through a range course is good cardio. (Yes, and good for those legs.)

The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County offers great archery ranges suitable for every level, from beginner to advanced. They are located in the Blackwell Preserve.

There are three ranges. The advanced range has 11 lanes and 11 standard FITA targets up to 90 meters. The interactive range has nine lanes and 15 two-dimensional targets up to 60 yards. The beginner’s range has eight lanes and eight standard targets up to 25 yards. It is enclosed on three sides with safety netting. (Visitors should note that only a portion of the beginner’s range is open from December to February. The advanced and interactive ranges remain fully open all year.)

Each range has bow racks as well as limestone shooting lines with overshot and clear zones. Crossbows are allowed. There is a spectator area, so friends and family who aren’t archers can watch and have fun.

The Forest Preserve District doesn’t require a fee or permit to use the range. It does require, of course, that all users of the range follow the posted rules and regulations.

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