Enjoy Hearty Italian Classics at La Scarpetta in Addison


Our residents at Two Itasca Place Apartments have a huge selection of excellent nearby dining options. When you’re craving pasta and Italian classic comfort food you have to try La Scarpetta, a local favorite. Fare La Scarpetta The restaurant was named after the Italian phrase “Fare La Scarpetta,” which means to clean the last bit […]

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Discover the Flavors of South America at Rio’s Addison


Explore the varied, soulful, spicy flavors of Latin American cuisine at Rio’s Addison near Two Itasca Place Apartments. This family-run, contemporary South American restaurant is perfect for an intimate date night or a cozy family meal. Take a Bite of South America at Rio’s Addison Rio’s is a family-owned restaurant chain that has operated for […]

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International Firefighters Day

Local heroes are all around us, but so often many of them go unnoticed. On Wednesday, May 4th, International Firefighters Day was celebrated. This little known day of recognition gives communities everywhere the perfect opportunity to stop and show appreciation for the local firefighters – their service and sacrifice. The Itasca Fire Department has been […]

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