From Breakfast to Dessert, Discover Greek Cuisine at Briki Cafe

Greek Restaurant in Addison from two itasca place apartments

Within a short, 5-minute drive from Two Itasca Place Apartments, you’ll find a fantastic Greek restaurant and breakfast joint called Briki Cafe. This neighborhood Greek restaurant in Addison serves up delicious meals all day, from breakfast crepes and toasts to hearty gyro sandwiches and burgers. About Briki Greek Restaurant in Addison Located in a quiet […]

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There’s No Place Like Home! Plan a Staycation in Itasca

Staycation in Itacsa from Two Itasca Place Apartments

Sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist in your own city! Itasca has so much to offer from great restaurants to cultural centers, parks, and much more. So, before summer is officially over, why not plan a staycation in Itasca? Here are a few great local gems near Two Itasca Place Apartments to get you […]

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Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue is Much More Than Just Sauce!

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue from Two Itasca Place Apartments

Sweet Baby Ray’s is a beloved and familiar name in the world of barbecue. Lucky locals can get a lip-smacking taste of the real thing in Two Itasca Place Apartments backyard. This local restaurant treasure is the home of the iconic Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce. Local Barbecue History Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue is the […]

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