Keep Food Fresh With These Storage Tips for Your Itasca Pantry

We are fortunate at our apartments in Itasca with pantries because we have the space to store a good amount of dried goods.

However, the space does you no good if your items don’t stay fresh. Make note of the following storage tips to keep your food fresh.

  • Use glass jars to store dry pantry goods, such as nuts, seeds, and dried herbs. The jars are affordable, eco-friendly, airtight, and make it easy to see what you have.
  • Tupperware is ideal for storing crackers, granola bars, flour, and sugar. They also stack nicely for an orderly pantry.
  • Tins are also airtight and are good for storing tea bags, rice papers, and yeast. However, since you can’t see what is in the tins, you need to be cautious as to avoid forgetting what is in them.
  • Some items that you normally keep in the pantry can be frozen for maximum shelf life. For instance, flour, ground spices, and grains, such as flax. This can especially make a difference during the humid months.

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