Enjoy a Local Sweet Treat on National Candy Day


Did you know that November 4th is National Candy Day? What a perfect excuse to indulge and keep your sweet tooth happy!

Stop by one of our local candy shops this November 4th. We know you’ll find the perfect sweet treat.

GetHappy – the Happy Candy

The owner of GetHappy loves sweets and believes that a delicious treat puts a smile on everyone’s face. Featured in publications such as M Magazine and The Chicago Times for her eclectic selection, she strives to find new candy from across the globe. It has a four-star rating on Yelp where customers give high marks for friendly service, a vibrant atmosphere, and their large selection. Pick from caramel apples, gourmet peanut butter cups, and a huge array of candies!

Glen Ellyn Sweet Shoppe

Nestled in the heart of downtown, Glen Ellyn Sweet Shoppe has been a community favorite for nearly forty years. It’s housed in a quaint red and white cottage and is conveniently located across from the Metra station. The Glen Ellyn Sweet Shoppe provides a friendly atmosphere where children’s eyes grow wide as they discover the different candy varieties. Adults can enjoy a trip down memory lane as they find the candy that they loved as kids. Choices include rock candy, Mary Jane’s, and Jelly Bellies.

Naper Nuts and Sweets

Naper Nuts and Sweets is keeping the traditions of the old-fashioned candy store alive. It opened nearly thirty years ago and still serves classic recipes like Cock Robin English Toffee. The shop features a whimsical atmosphere and friendly staff, and proudly supports U.S. troops. The selection includes their famous fudge, caramel corn, soft-serve ice-cream, and, of course, candied and chocolate covered nuts.

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