Shop for Sparkling Gems and Unique Pieces at Razny Jewelers


Razny Jewelers is a local favorite whether customers are looking to find a gift or enhance an outfit. The knowledgeable team offers personalized service, and the high-quality pieces are often passed down for generations. Stop by this store near Two Itasca Place Apartments next time you’re looking for a special piece.

Razny Jewelers

After immigrating to Illinois from Poland in the 1940s, Stanley Razny worked at Leeds Jewelers in Highland Park where he learned about the industry. In 1951, he used his knowledge to open a small jewelry store with his gemologist wife. They made a great pair!

30 years later, they established Razny Jewelers in Addison, and it’s one of only ten jewelry stores in the country that staffs a Patek Philippe watchmaker.


The shop features the creations of designers from across the globe. Here are a few specialty designers to look for:

Aaron Basha
Born in the Middle East, Aaron Basha hails from a family of jewelry traders whose clients included royalty. Aaron was a master diamond cutter by the time he was sixteen. Since 1950, he has created charms for some of the world’s most discriminating clientele. His trademark is “Forever Young,” and his pieces often grace the pages of glamorous fashion magazines.

Bez Ambar
Bez Ambar grew up in Israel where his interest in painting began at a young age. He later attended London’s Royal Academy to study art before he turned to jewelry design. Bez is highly respected in the industry, and you can find his pieces at select jewelry stores in Canada, Israel, and the United States.

Penny Preville
Penny Preville is an award-winning designer who was first inspired by the treasures in her grandmother’s jewelry box. She’s known for fusing old-world techniques with a contemporary sensibility, and her wedding ring designs have twice been featured on The Today Show.

Razny Jewelers is just one of the many shopping destinations near Two Itasca Place Apartments. If you would like to call our community home, please contact us to schedule a tour where you can see our offerings firsthand.

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