Visit The Red Arrow Tap Room In Itasca

Have you ever gone to a bar and waited forever to get the bartender’s attention? Okay, so maybe it wasn’t actually forever but it sure felt that way. Well, the good news is there’s a way to bypass those pesky lines and help yourself to a cold brew without wandering too far away from Two Itasca Place apartments. And no, it doesn’t involve swinging by the grocery store. It all starts at a place called the Red Arrow Tap Room.

The Red Arrow Tap Room is roughly 8 miles from Two Itasca Place Apartments. It has much of what DuPage County’s beer lovers could want, starting with a wide variety of craft brews. Plus, there’s a laid-back, funky vibe going on nightly and the management often brings in local entertainers to add to the scene. The entertainment list doesn’t end with crooners and comedians either. The venue also hosts craft beer workshops.

And like we said before, visitors can bypass the bartender and pour their own drinks. It’s all part of a new trend that’s helping define the micro-brewing industry. The bypass option involves signing up for a pour pass. Pour passes work similar to loyalty cards issued by some casinos. They’re attached to a customer’s account. So no cash has to change hands. Patrons just swipe their cards to access services.

Any beers poured after that are charged to the card holder and handled later. But remember to go easy on buying rounds for the bar. The passes have an automatic cut-off limit in order to reduce the chances of patrons driving drunk. So if you buy beers for all of your friends living in Two Itasca Place Apartment, you may have to call it a night earlier than expected. To learn more about this tap-room and others in the area that

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